The Continental Season 1

The Continental Season 1 (2023) Web Series Download in Hindi 720p

The Continental: From the World of John Wick is a three-episode miniseries that serves as a prequel to the John Wick film franchise. Set in the 1970s, the series follows Winston Scott (Colin Woodell), a young drifter who is taken in by the mysterious Continental Hotel, a neutral ground for assassins and criminals. Winston soon learns the ins and outs of the Continental’s underworld, and eventually becomes the hotel’s manager, the same role he holds in the John Wick films.

Web SeriesThe Continental (Season 1)
CreatorGreg Coolidge, Shawn Simmons, Kirk Ward
GenreAction, Crime, Thriller
Star CastMel Gibson, Colin Woodell, Mishel Prada
Release DateSeptember 22nd, 2023
IMDb Rating7.6/10

The Continental Season 1 (2023)

The Continental is a stylish and atmospheric series that captures the tone and aesthetic of the John Wick films. The miniseries also features impressive action sequences, with well-choreographed gunfights and hand-to-hand combat. However, The Continental is more than just a prequel action series. It is also a character-driven drama that explores Winston’s rise to power and his complex relationships with the other characters in the series.

The Continental Season 1 Web Series
The Continental Season 1 Web Series Download in Hindi

One of the highlights of The Continental is its cast. Colin Woodell is excellent as Winston Scott, bringing a youthful charm and determination to the role. Mel Gibson is also very good as Cormac Fitzpatrick, a ruthless crime boss who is Winston’s mentor and eventual antagonist. The supporting cast is also strong, with notable performances from Katie McGrath, Jeremy Bobb, and Adam Shapiro.

The Continental Season 1 Star Cast

Here are the top ⭐ star cast:

Mel GibsonCormac O’Connor
Colin WoodellWinston Scott
Mishel PradaKD
Hubert Point-Du JourMiles
Nhung KateYen
Jessica AllainLou

The Continental Season 1 Review

Here are some excerpts from reviews of The Continental Season 1:

The New York Times: “The Continental is a world away from John Wick.”

Variety: “The Continental disappoints.”

The Guardian: “The Continental has enough swagger to make a more compelling case for itself.”

Rotten Tomatoes: “The Continental evokes the feel of the John Wick films, but a scattershot story, forgettable characters, and inconsistent action hold it back at every turn.”

The Continental Season 1 Pros & Cons


  • Stylish and atmospheric visuals
  • Impressive action sequences
  • Well-developed characters
  • Strong cast


  • Slow pacing in some episodes
  • Some clichés and predictable plot points
  • Not as much action as some fans might expect

The Continental Season 1 Web Series 720p Download

The Continental Season 1 is currently available to watch on the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video. It is an exclusive release on the platform, meaning that it is not available to watch anywhere else.

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I would recommend The Continental to fans of the John Wick film franchise, as well as anyone who enjoys crime dramas with strong action sequences. However, it is important to note that the series does have a slow pacing in some episodes, and there are some clichés and predictable plot points.


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