Temptation Island India

Temptation Island India – Season 1 Download Episode in 720p

Temptation Island India is a reality show that puts couples to the ultimate test by separating them and placing them in a secluded villa with a group of attractive singles. The show is a social experiment that explores the nature of love, temptation, and commitment.

Temptation Island India – Season 1

The first season of Temptation Island India premiered on November 3, 2023, and was immediately met with rave reviews from viewers and critics alike. The show was praised for its diverse cast, its honest and thoughtful portrayal of relationships, and its stunning visuals.

Temptation Island India Season 1
Temptation Island India Season 1 Download
Temptation Island India Season 1 Episodes

One of the things that makes Temptation Island India so compelling is that it gives viewers a unique insight into the inner workings of relationships. The show shows the couples as they struggle with temptation, jealousy, and trust issues. It also shows the singles as they try to navigate the complex dynamics of the villa.

The show also does a good job of exploring the different types of temptation that couples face. There is physical temptation, emotional temptation, and intellectual temptation. The show shows how all of these types of temptation can be dangerous to a relationship if not handled properly.

Temptation Island India Season 1 All Episode

Episode 1: Grand Premiere (3rd November 2023)

Episode 2: Did Nikki Kiss Jad? (4th November 2023)

Episode 3: Abhishek’s Laws Of Love! 🫶🏼 (5th November 2023)

Episode 4: Abhishek Ki Twisted Love Games! (6th November 2023)

Episode 5: Season Ka Pehla Break Up? (7th November 2023)

Episode 6: Shocking Secrets Ka Khulasa! (8th November 2023)

Episode 7: Spicy Secrets Aur Naughty Confessions! (9th November 2023)

Episode 8: Aaj Tootenge Dil, 1st Bonfire Night! (10th November 2023)

Episode 9: Ab girls ko mila bada shock! (11th November 2023)

Episode 10: Explosive Twist, Couples Shocked! (12th November 2023)

Episode 11: Elvish Ka Spicy Tadka, Khulegi Sabki Poll (13th November 2023)

Episode 12: Love Letters Se Hua Emotional Drama (14th November 2023)

Episode 13: Diwali Ka Big Dhamaka (15th November 2023)

Episode 14: Diwali Mein Phata Elimination Ka Bomb (16th November 2023)

Episode 15: Bonfire Mein Bawaal, Nidhi Ko Aaya Panic Attack! (17th November 2023)

Episode 16: Emotions Aur Betrayal Ki Aag Ab Hogi Double! (18th November 2023)

Episode 17: Tempters Ko Mili Breaking News! (19th November 2023)

Episode 18: Tarot Se Hogi Juicy Secrets Reveal! (20th November 2023)

Episode 19: Ladkiyon Ke Love Life Ke Raaz Honge Reveal! (21st November 2023)

Episode 20: #Abhish Laga Rahe Hai Island Mein Tadka! (22nd November 2023)

Episode 21: Black & White Party Ke Baad Aaye RED shocker! (23rd November 2023)

Episode 22: Bonfire Par Mila Nishank Ko Sabse Bada Shock! (24th November 2023)

Episode 23: SHOCKER! Bonfire Weekend Me Hua Big Reveal (25th November 2023)

Episode 24: Shocking! Boys Mein Badhi Nafrat Ki Aag (26th November 2023)

Episode 25: Special Bonfire Mein Elimination Ka Twist! (27th November 2023)

Episode 26: Glass Room Mein Kya Hogi Pyaar Ki Pariksha? (28th November 2023)

Episode 27: Prom Night Par Hoga Big Dhamaka! (29th November 2023)

More Episode is coming soon…

Temptation Island India Season 1 Review

Here are some critics’ reviews of Temptation Island India Season 1:

“Temptation Island India is a must-watch for fans of reality TV and relationship dramas. The show is well-made, thought-provoking, and emotionally engaging.” – Hindustan Times

“Temptation Island India is a refreshing take on the reality TV dating show genre. The show is honest, raw, and unflinching in its portrayal of relationships.” – The Indian Express

“Temptation Island India is a must-see for anyone who wants to understand the complexities of love, temptation, and commitment.” – NDTV

Temptation Island India Season 1 Pros & Cons


  • The show is highly entertaining and addictive.
  • The cast is diverse and engaging.
  • The show tackles complex relationship issues in a thoughtful and honest way.
  • The show is beautifully shot in a stunning tropical location.


  • The show can be emotionally draining for couples and viewers alike.
  • Some of the challenges and activities on the show can feel contrived and unnecessary.
  • The show can be repetitive at times.

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Overall, Temptation Island India is a well-made and thought-provoking reality show that is sure to spark conversations about love, temptation, and commitment. If you are a fan of reality shows or relationship dramas, then you are sure to enjoy this show.


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