Short Love Story in English

Short Love Story in English

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Abhishek and Vaishali were together from school and now college is also in the same class. Both of them are very good friends of each other from the fifth class. Both are so good friends that some people in college understand that both of them are running. Both go to college together, are in the same class, and whenever Abhishek needs something, he only tells Vaishali.

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He says that the age of 18 to 21 is such that Love Hormones becomes most active and something similar has happened with Abhishek. Since both of them are very good friends from many years, now for the Vaishali in the heart of Abhishek, there was a lot of fringes due to friendship. And not only in the heart of Abhishek, Vaishali too began to believe Abhishek more than a friend. Now there was only friendship between these two, which they never wanted to finish.

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At the same time, the time passed and both of them started working. Abhishek’s job was in Ahmedabad and Vaishali used to work in Delhi but still used to talk everyday on both phones or Whatsapp. After going away from each other, Abhishek and Vaishali also realized the love between them, but no one said anything. Now both of them had been separated for two months and one day Vaishali received the call of Abhishek.

Abhishek: Vaishali, I am coming to Delhi tomorrow, will you? Not much work?

Vaishali: Hey, stupid, no work is necessary for you. Thank you, you are coming to meet, you were missing big

Abhishek: Come on, tomorrow, you will also feed your favorite pizza too.

The next day both meet in a restaurant.

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Abhishek is shocked to see Vaishali, he was looking very beautiful, he had made make-up and jeans were cast.

Abhishek: Hey, Vaishali, you got the air of Delhi, how did you become so beautiful?

Vaishali: I was as beautiful as I was before, but you have never seen it carefully

Abhishek: And how is your job going on, how are you doing, right?

Vaishali: Yes, I am fine, Abhishek and I want to confess something. Abhishek … We have had so much time with each other, we have spent so much time with each other but since we have been separated for the job, I feel a bit different. You know, I took this dress yesterday just because you were going to come and this makeup I have done because that’s because you were supposed to meet me today. You understand, right?

Short Love Story in English