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12 Best Instagram Story Ideas to Engage Your Audience 2022

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How are you all, I hope you are doing well, So today I m here to tell you guys about the best ideas for Instagram Stories to engage your audience or followers, so basically we all know the Instagram stories are more important than post because here you put your daily new updates which make your followers see something new every day about you, and yes Instagram stories have more fun as well.

Instagram stories could be in the form of a series of photos, videos, boomerangs, blogs, IG tv, or reels, everything you put together in the story would become a slide show on Instagram. And of course, stories have natural progress that is starting, middle, end. This logical series of events is satisfying for the viewer which makes sense to them and easy to understand what you actually want to show them.

It evaluates your visual content strategy by this feature of Instagram you should easily even more engaged with your followers, the more likely you are to get involved in their feedbacks, conversation, and yes by them you get to know about the different – different content too for uploading Instagram stories, and by this, you meet new users and make sure that your engagement would be genuine to be seen in the community account.

Best Instagram Story Ideas

So without any further, do let’s start a discussion about the 12 Instagram story ideas to engaged your followers:-

  1. Promote Blog Post.
  2. Promote an Instagram post.
  3. Play fun games with your followers.
  4. Go live.
  5. Ask QNA
  6. Poll & Quizzes.
  7. Feature another account post or reels.
  8. Use the hashtag.
  9. Before and after.
  10. Countdown.
  11. Share behind the scene
  12. Show off your skill.


Promote Blog Post on Instagram Stories

Starting your blog is one of the exciting parts of your Instagram journey, for which you pouring all that time, efforts, and all kind of process & that you need proper knowledge about the content your blog you pour each and everything in the blogs where your efforts begin to pay off.

Yes here I am going to tell you guys about the benefits of the blog promotion, of course, you had already put a lot of hours to prepare blog as well but without any planned promotion, all that hard work gonna waste, so the main benefit to promoting your blogs is your engagement would be increased and the view of your blogs would also increase which is very beneficial on the Instagram.

Instagram story is the best platform to promote your blogs in front of your followers, so in this paragraph, I am telling you that how you promote blog post to engaged followers, and here are they:

  • Share your blog post on Instagram, make it a click-worthy treasure in your Instagram story, if you put all the relevant information about the blog put in just one frame it is a very good chance that your followers are going to tap on it and visit your Instagram profile as well and the views on your blog will also increase by uploading its one part in IG story well the rhythm of tapping them.
  • Tag yourself which helps viewers find your latest blog post in your bio.
  • Network with other bloggers to expand your reach and grow your blogs.
  • Use a cool picture or a breathtaking image or video to promote your blog post on the Instagram story as well.
  • These all processes are given above and the way and why should you promote your blog post on the Instagram story the reason is given above is really help you to engaged followers on Instagram.


Promote Post on Instagram Stories

Actually promoting Instagram post is more beneficial for the business Instagram account it connects the user with customers across multiple channels, you should make an e-commerce marketing plan where you have to work smarter not harder, create a community that comes to you back to back again, use photos from the customer on Instagram customers are constantly creating and sharing images of their own, Instagram post tend to be meaning that you show here a peek into a life you had like to lead. You should reach, explore, connect with the audience is the main reason to promote the Instagram posts.

Now I am going to tell you how you promote Instagram posts so use content to promote your Instagram post.

  • You should publish a useful post (the content from a source, long from the expert post.) the images you want to post must have high quality.
  • Post at the right time, it is important to post regularly and consistently on Instagram, ask a question in your post is a great way to increase engagement and gain more exposure.
  • Always use #hashtags it comes to promoting your account, but if you are using hashtags then your post will be shown as the result of that hashtag and get more views and likes on it, it is also a great way to find new users and engagements.
  • You should promote your Instagram post according to take advantage of trends in many ways.

Promoting posts is a great way to promote yourself to some new people promoting your post will allow you to spread awareness about your content that you show to your follower that is the reason to engage with your followers.


Best Instagram Story Ideas

Have you guys ever noticed how awesome and entertaining Instagram story games actually are! So in the Instagram story, you would ask your followers for their opinion by playing some games with them that are:

  • You upload the pictures in the topic you actually want their opinion or you should also ask them to suggest you any new content as well. And get your followers involved by getting them to vote.
  • You would also learn something about your followers Instagram story games offer a free-response opinion in which you can post a question and invite your audience to answer them or submit their answers and then you make sure you reveal the answer by entertaining them as well, by this, you both get to know about each other.
  • Games offered by the Instagram stories actually are amazing, you should play a poll or quizzes with multiple options related to your content in which you get to know about their opinion.
  • Slide to the right it is mainly a game or it crowdsources your idea in which picture or content you had uploaded your followers gonna rate them all as per their feedbacks which motivates and guides you that how well you need to work on them, this is a great way to engage your followers and know what they actually want in your content.
  • You should also give some challenges to your audience by making your hashtags and mentioned you in their stories after completing the challenges these games and challenges boost your engagement on Instagram.

Instagram games can help with more just keeping you and your audience entertained and you can also use them to engage your brand’s audience as well, in-game you should also promote your main content by giving challenges and mentioned by each other you should also play fun games like choose an emoji, send the first letter of you to name, play quizzes, give away to your audience, and make it simple, be engaging with them as well it will increase your engage Instagram followers as well.


Go Live in Instagram

It is a great way for building engagement, it helps you to connect directly to your followers and talk with them, sharing news and establishing your content, whenever you are gonna post any blog or feed as well so for that the best promotion way is to go live and tell your audience about your content directly.

Most of the audiences would prefer to watch live rather than read a blogs post and most of them give proper interest in live stream, and then when you are telling them about your content then they also show interest to talk to you on that matter, you should discuss your ideas with your audience and also get an opinion as well.

Once you started your live stream at the top of the feed of your follower’s account your logo will appear after that your followers might encourage to check your Instagram profile, which builds up a strong connection between you and your audience, it helps to boost your engagement on the Instagram.

Generally, everyone knows how to get live on Instagram but let me tell you once it is really very easy to get:

  • Open the Instagram stories camera and swipe across on live mode, here you can also see how many of your followers are online and which is a good indicator to know how many are going to join your live stream.
  • Tap the live icon to start your live stream and make sure you have a strong internet connection.
  • Once your live streaming is started you choose many features to engage that is you share the question your any followers should ask in? the button you think is an important topic to all of them then share it on the screen as well, you can use lots of filter of Instagram, you roll up the camera to share any images in a live stream with your audience.
  • For ending the live stream tap end know on the top of the screen and then share it with your followers.

It is the best way to directly connect with your followers you can invite any of your followers to talk with you in the live stream directly it is the best way to engage with your Instagram followers.

5. ASK QnA


QnA is the way where you upload a question in your Instagram stories and your followers have to answer them actually you can use this feature of Instagram stories as a good option for engaging the followers in Instagram if you are confused about the content next you have to create then for this you upload an Instagram QNA in the story and your followers answered you that what content they want to see in your next feed. This is the best way to know about your audience choice.

By asking a question your more likely to get engaged with your fans and let them tell what they like the most, it helps you to understand what your users want to see in the future and take action on this feedback immediately, ask your users about anything, about any image to use in your content, colors, fonts, there next demand for your post.

You can ask any question to know their choice and the questions by which they get to know about your profession, make them excited by asking the question by which they wait for your next post, share their answers in your IG story by mentioning them which is very beneficial for your engagement as well.

You should directly ask questions as a caption of your post, put in the IG stories and polls, use slide emojis to rate, and by using all these QNA features you get to know more about them. So I suggest you guys before work on any blog post, feeds must ask QNA in Instagram stories by this you may clear about the content that your audience want to see by you and tell them or take advice from them by the QNA as well this will be very useful for the engagement as well.


Instagram Poll

Instagram story polls are items that you insert in those stories by asking questions and put answers in two polls and your followers have to vote for one, you are able to view the result as well, about the poll is that you have full control over the content and intent.

Instagram does have a feature poll sticker to place instant yes / no question stories, you should make a poll as a quiz as well, ask some question in it and then put the answers in two different polls and your followers have to vote for any one of them, but it also provides the quiz sticker yet another polling option, this one allows for more details, where you ask a longer question and provide multiple choice answer the right answer is shown after a reply telling the user if they not answered correctly or not.

These Instagram story features are very easy to apply you just have to tap on the sticker option on the Instagram story these poll and quizzes features are the very best way to engage with your followers you ask any question related to your previous content by this you get to know about that your followers know about you and also you asked them to give their opinion for yours next feed as well by uploading this kind of poll or quizzes your followers are getting entertained easily by you and you also increased the engaging by uploading it constantly on Instagram story.

Instagram story and quizzes are a great way to get your audience to interact with you, you can generate polls and quizzes on content ideas, product ideas, ask for any prediction, educate your followers to generate excitement to view your Instagram story as well.


Feature Reels in Instagram Stories

Reels are very similar to Instagram stories but there only a little bit difference reels include a wider range of video editing tools, AR effects, and speed controls, if your Instagram account is public reels can be shared to the explore feed to make it easier for the people who don’t follow you this might give you some new users to engage with you in Instagram.

Reels are one kind of the best way to engage your Instagram followers people are scrolling the reels at least most of the time since the reels added to the Instagram features and here you can be made a short clip of your content about 15-30 sec and edit in a proper way after the post-it if reels many new users are going to visit your profile for this type of content and you can also share the content main aim or you would promote it.


Networking with another account you should create reels with another account user and show your content through reels it may help you to follow that user audience will also visit your profile and your engagement might increase more by this.

It has been so fun to watch how you show your content to your audience, you should combined video clips with the music of your choice that you can share on your stories, explore feed, home feed, and new reels tab on your Instagram profile as well.

Reels offers a whole package of options to improve your video clips and capture the attention of your followers like editing tools, filters, audio, speed, special, effect, and many more so this is also a good option to engaged your Instagram followers.


Use Hashtag in Instagram Stories

Instagrams hashtags are still very effective, when you add the hashtag to the stories you can place the hashtag in a sticker, in text, or by way of the location tag. The hashtag goes directly on the image and can be stylized just like all text and stickers.

  • Adding a branded linked hashtags to all your brand stories will increase engagement and awareness of your campaigns within the current audience.
  • You can use any strategic hashtags on your every Instagram stories it increases the viewers of the stories and profile as well, use learning from your current audience to reach similar Instagrammers, grow your audience by engaging with your current audience as they are engaging with their friends. Like #dreambigger.
  • Use excessively hashtags like #fame #likeforlikes, by this in the end you will be increasing the chance of getting your royal self in the front of more new audiences.
  • Use creative hashtags which have literally meaning which suits the mood of your image, embrace the trend and be personable like #OOTD, #DEEP, #JUSTDOIT.
  • Some popular tags on Instagram that help you to engage with the new users are #photooftheday, #instagood, #nofilter, #tbt, #igers, #picoftheday, #love, #nature.

Hashtags are really worth creating a hashtag strategy for your brand if you want to grow your account, the hashtag goes directly on the image and can be stylized just like all stickers and text, that said adding hashtags to your story really engaged your Instagram followers as well.



Before and After

This feature will show something before a change and then what it looks after, if your going to create any content or services for the clients must show how that was before and after you work on it how it would be because the audience took much interest in this kind of things in Instagram stories.

If you are the photographer or makeup artist or any service provider so you must show the before the condition of the content you go to create for Instagrams and share the problems in it and solutions of these kinds of problems as well and then show your creativity, editing level to make it best and make a before and after collage in the Instagram story feature and show it to your audience that will promote you in the front of them and your skills too.

So that much is enough to tell you guys that how simple is the before and after in Instagram stories just upload a before picture and an after picture with the detail this is also helpful for the users to share your stories among them and also increase your engagement as well.


Instagram Countdown

Instagram stories have countdown stickers that customize it with a title to let your followers know what you are counting down to, it is a great feature which if you upload on the Instagram story and set the time to it which you are gonna perform something for them it gives a reminder to them to watch your story set an alert for when the countdown is finished.

Instagram users love a good countdown, a launch, sale, new year, special day – time, birthday, events, films or many of things use a countdown sticker over the images in the Instagram story it informs your followers to check your profile on that time when you are gonna show them somethings. Overall it gives you a reminder for any day and time so your audience can be notified.

Countdown sticker will appear on the screen after selecting from the sticker option the Instagram stories with editing functionally, you can change the time date for it and color too for setting the reminder after mentioning why this reminder for, this is also a good option of reminding your followers to engage with you on the particular time for the special announcement as well.


Behind the Scene

Behind the scenes is an exceptionally effective piece of the content that can be created reasonable quickly, sharing behind the scenes means sharing the thing that you think no one will care about but they actually do but you shares that what are techniques behind your contents, you don’t have to share emotional breakdowns, but you have to share what would do after the scenes or in the free time because your audiences need to know that also that how could you be in scenes and behind the scenes as well.

It means being real and honest, you might think that no one cares about this but actually, it does, while people love to know how you create these content techniques, process all the kind of things they want to know and they enjoy it the most as well.

The things about social media are the most of us are sharing only the good things but you have to share:

  • The processes what you do before you sit down to write or during, how could you do that, what was your thinking process for the content ideas as well your audience needs and enjoys it.
  • You should share your bloopers also while creating the contents as well that was quite funny things that you share with your audiences.
  • And the boring time as well that after your work has done what kind of things you do to entertain your self behind the scenes.

These are things that attract more engagements by your Instagram stories they get to know about your actual life they get to learn something as well they find lots of enjoyments by seeing you’re behind the scenes that the reason people share their behind the scenes as well for increasing the engagement of Instagram followers it is the best option as well.


Show Your Skill in Instagram

In Instagram stories you could also share your skill do it means instead of your work what skills you have and they really enjoyed by knowing about this, it is pretty good that what you do, make it known to your audience and they will be more likely to engage with you follow your page and learn your skills from you.

Whatever your skill is weather making killer things foodstuff, décor stuff whatever you show off in Instagram stories, put polls to choose your followers what they want to know extra from you this make them engaged with you and gives you a lot of ideas, by showing off your skill in Insta stories they learn from you and also suggest you do these things in the better way only not they even you also gonna learn a lot of things or improving much better in your skills too.

So this is also the best option to engages by Instagram stories with your followers and helps to increase because not by only your content new user join you to learn your skills by you it makes interaction of them towards you.


So above we get to know about some Instagram story ideas that help to engaged Instagram followers this idea gonna help you guys and attracting new users and encourage them to know about your profile or the content you prepare for them, the process the techniques, the bloopers, countdown, hashtags, games each and everything you used in the story is going to create the best content for your audience they get enjoyment and learn something from you and this make to increase your engagement Instagram followers.

So that enough for today’s article till then take care of everyone.



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