Bigg Boss Season 17

Bigg Boss Season 17 Download Latest Episode in 720p (2023)

Bigg Boss season 17 premiered on October 15th, 2023, and has been keeping viewers entertained ever since. The show features a group of contestants who are locked in a house together for several weeks, with no contact with the outside world. The contestants are constantly monitored by cameras, and their every move is scrutinized by the public.

Bigg Boss Season 17 is Hosted by Salman Khan.

Bigg Boss Season 17 Contestant

Bigg Boss Season 17 Contestants List.

  • Ankita Lokhande & Vicky Jain
  • Aishwarya Sharma & Neil Bhatt
  • Isha Malviya & Abhishek Kumar
  • Munawar Faruqui
  • Anurag Dobhal aka UK Rider
  • Mannara Chopra
  • Jigna Vora Evicted
  • Sunny Arya aka Tehelka Prank
  • Feroza Khan aka Khanzaadi
  • Rinku Dhawan
  • Soniya Bansal Evicted
  • Navid Sole Evicted
  • Manasvi Mamgai Evicted
  • Sana Raees Khan
  • Arun Mashettey
  • Samarth Jurel

Evicted Contestants

  • Soniya Bansal
  • Manasvi Mamgai
  • Navid Sole
  • Jigna Vora

Bigg Boss Season 17 All Episode

Episode 1: Grand Premiere (15th Oct 2023)

Episode 2: Main Hoon Biased (16th Oct 2023)

Episode 3: Kyun Royi Mannara? (17th Oct 2023)

Episode 4: Abhishek Ki Love Story (18th October 2023)

Episode 5: Munawar: Aakhein Mat Dikhao! (19th October 2023)

Episode 6: Kyun Bhadke Neil? (20th October 2023)

Episode 7: Season’s First Weekend Ka Vaar (21st October 2023)

Episode 8: What’s Brewing? (22nd October 2023)

Episode 9: Why Is Ankita Upset? (23rd October 2023)

Episode 10: Abhishek looses his calm (24th October 2023)

Episode 11: Bigg Boss Ka Naya Twist (25th October 2023)

Episode 12: Ankita and Mannara (26th October 2023)

Episode 13: Salman Grills Vicky-Ankita (27th October 2023)

Episode 14: Bigg Boss Ka Bada Twist (28th October 2023)

Episode 15: Ravivaar Ka Roasting! (29th October 2023)

Episode 16: Couples mein aayi daraar (30th October 2023)

Episode 17: Kaun Karega Kisko Nominate? (31st October 2023)

Episode 18: A love story in the making? (1st November 2023)

Episode 19: Pyaar Ki Pariksha? (2nd November 2023)

Episode 20: Shukravar Ka Vaar (3rd November 2023)

Episode 21: King Ke Task Ne Machaya Bawal! (4th November 2023)

Episode 22: Coffee Pe Kalesh! (5th November 2023)

Episode 23: Season Ki Sabse Ghamasaan Ladaayi! (6th November 2023)

Episode 24: OTT Vs TV (7th November 2023)

Episode 25: Ankita Aur Aishwarya Ki Catfight! (8th November 2023)

Episode 26: Kon Hoga Power Ki Race Se Baahar? (9th November 2023)

Episode 27: Tehelka vs Chintu (10th November 2023)

Episode 28: Shanivaar Ka Vaar Salman aur Katrina Ke Sath (11th November 2023)

Episode 29: Salman Ko Aaya Gussa! (12th November 2023)

Episode 30: Shock Laga Na! (13th November 2023)

Episode 31: Anurag Ki Ghar Chodne Ki Khawish (14th November 2023)

Episode 32: Nominations Ka Bhaukaal (15th November 2023)

Episode 33: BB Diwali Bash (16th November 2023)

Episode 34: Kyun hue Salman gussa? (17th November 2023)

Episode 35: Shanivaar ka vaar (18th November 2023)

Episode 36: Weekend Ka Vaar (19th November 2023)

Episode 37: Kaun Hoga Ghar Se Beghar? (20th November 2023)

Episode 38: Neil-Aishwarya vs Khanzaadi! (21st November 2023)

Episode 39: Safai pe Charcha! (22nd November 2023)

Episode 40: Vicky Ne Kiya Sana Ko Khana Refuse (23rd November 2023)

Episode 41: Shukravaar Ka Vaar Salman Khan Ke Sath (24th November 2023)

Episode 42: Shanivaar Ka Vaar Salman Khan Aur Orry Ke Saath (25th November 2023)

Episode 43: Party Time With Orry! (26th November 2023)

Episode 44: Bigg Boss Bhadke Anurag Par! (27th November 2023)

Episode 45: Neil Nominated For Full Season? (28th November 2023)

More Episode is coming soon…

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Bigg Boss Season 17

Big Boss Season 17 Download
Big Boss Season 17 Episode Download
Big Boss Season 17 Watch online

Contestants: The cast of Bigg Boss 17 is one of the most diverse in the show’s history. The contestants include celebrities from the world of television, film, and social media. They also include people from different walks of life, such as a stand-up comedian, a poet, and a homemaker.

Gameplay: The gameplay in Bigg Boss 17 has been mostly predictable. The contestants have been divided into two groups, and they have been engaged in a constant battle of wits. The show has also featured the usual mix of tasks, fights, and romances.

Highlights: Some of the highlights of Bigg Boss 17 include:

  • The stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui has been one of the most entertaining contestants on the show. He has won over the audience with his sharp wit and his ability to laugh at himself.
  • The poet Isha Malviya has been another popular contestant. She has impressed viewers with her intelligence and her poetic talent.
  • The homemaker Khanzaadi has been one of the most talked-about contestants on the show. She has been criticized for her aggressive behavior, but she has also been praised for her strength and her resilience.

Lowlights: Some of the lowlights of Bigg Boss 17 include:

  • The show has been criticized for its violence. There have been several instances of physical violence between the contestants.
  • The show has also been criticized for its portrayal of women. Some of the female contestants have been subjected to sexist remarks and misogynistic behavior.

Bigg Boss Season 17 Review

Here are some critics’ reviews of Bigg Boss Season 17:

The Indian Express – “Bigg Boss 17 is a well-produced show with a diverse cast of contestants. However, the show has been criticized for its violence and its portrayal of women.”

The Hindu – “Bigg Boss 17 is a disappointing season. The show has been too focused on violence and negativity.”

Hindustan Times – “Bigg Boss 17 is a show that is both entertaining and disturbing. The show features a diverse cast of contestants, but it is also full of violence and misogyny.”

Times of India – “Bigg Boss 17 is a show that is not for the faint of heart. The show is full of violence, drama, and controversy. However, it is also a show that is highly entertaining.”

Bigg Boss Season 17 Pros & Cons


  • High production values
  • A diverse cast of contestants
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Some standout contestants, such as Munawar Faruqui and Isha Malviya


  • Violence between contestants
  • Misogynistic behavior towards female contestants
  • Predictable gameplay
  • Focus on negativity

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If you are a fan of reality TV shows that are full of drama and controversy, then you may enjoy Bigg Boss 17. However, if you are sensitive to violence and misogyny, then you may want to avoid the show.


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