Beard Styles for Boys

10+ Best Trending Beard Styles for Boys [2023]

Beard Styles for Boys: Beard Styles are back in trend, but facial hair is not for everyone. Facial hairs are back in the game and are becoming more and more popular among younger boys. Though beard styles are for everyone and every man of different age groups loves to wear a beard. Although, growing facial hair is not a one-day task. Facial hair growth depends on various factors such as genetics, hormones that are required for facial hair growth, and lifestyle.

Those boys who have a proper amount of all the above factors can quickly develop thick and long beards. At the same time, those who lack these factors can experience difficulty in growing facial hair. But many ways can help to promote facial hair growth. When you follow a proper routine of facial hair care, you can boost your facial hair’s slower growth. Along with these, your lifestyle contributes a lot when you want to grow a great beard.

Beard Styles for Men

Daily exercise, sticking to a healthy diet, avoiding stress affects a lot when you want to grow a fuller beard. So, when you find any difficulty in growing your facial hair, the first thing you need to do is make specific changes in your lifestyle. When you observe that the facial hair has started to pop out, you must try your hands-on beard care products such as beard oil, beard balm, beard shampoo, and beard conditioner that can help you to make the growth faster.

Here, we will discuss some of the trendy beard styles that every boy should try. Though, choosing any beard style is linked with your face shape. From numerous beard styles, not all facial hairstyles are suitable for every face shape. For every face shape, there is a specific beard style. So, let’s move on to discussing different Beard Styles for Men.

Trending Beard Styles for Boys

Following are some of the facial hairstyles that every boy should try-

1. Classic Beard Style

The classic beard is recommended for those who are dedicated to their facial hair. The beard style is not too long nor too short; it comes with comprehensive coverage. Facial hair is not for everyone; those who already have a youthful hairstyle must opt for this beard style. Or else, choose a side part with a firm hold pomade to get an authentic vintage look.

2. Full Beard Style

A longer beard can look good when it is done right. The style requires a lot of time to grow out in a long beard. Full beard requires a lot of grooming, so you will need to ensure that you will have a proper beard care routine to avoid it from looking unkempt. Using beard-specific products like beard shampoo, beard conditioner, beard oil, and beard balm can help you prevent dryness, itchiness, and dandruff from your long beards and also keep it more manageable.

3. Bushy Beard Style

When you want to add some extra texture and enhance your face, then the bushy beard is a great option. When you want to overemphasize your jawline, a bushier beard will help you to do so. Again, beard care is necessary here to prevent and maintain your beard style. Beard oil can help you to prevent your bushy beard from getting flaky, itchy, and dry. It would be best if you pair a bushy beard with a great hairstyle to enhance its look.

Bushy Beard Style

4. Biker Beard Style

With the beard’s origin in the biker’s subculture, the beard option provides a dramatic look when you want to go for some distinctive beard style. The bike’s beard style relies on extra hair length on the chin area. So, you will need to trim and maintain it accordingly. Though not many guys would go for a biker beard, usually those who want to wear a sporty look would love the beard style.

5. Viking Beard Style

The Vikings are known for their two significant factors- their legendary battle skills and their beards. A Viking beard is for those men who want a masculine look. The only thing you would need to remember that you shampoo and trim it frequently to ensure that you get a warrior look instead of a wildebeest.

Viking Beard Style

6. Short Beard Style

Short beards are for those who hate to carry long beards in summers or might belong. Beards are not allowed in the workplace. Short beards are the perfect way for many men to try something different while still maintaining the rugged and manly facial hair look. To get a short beard, you will need to keep the hair on the cheeks, and the neck trimmed, and shortly neat and combed.

7. The 5 o’clock Shadow Beard Style

The 5 o’clock shadow, also known as stubble beard, is a short beard style. The style is classic, timeless, and always well received. The class is easy to get and is also easier to maintain. Depending on how dark your hair is, the 5 0′ clock shadow will need around five days to grow out.

8. Corporate Beard Style

As the name suggests, the corporate beard is something that you can wear in your working environment. Because the beard style is related to corporate, you will need to groom it regularly and keep it tidy. The beard style is close-cropped, which is around two to three inches. To maintain the beard style, you will need to invest in a good quality beard trimmer.

Corporate Beard Style

9. Verdi Beard Style

The Verdi style is named after the 19th-century Italian composer; the classic beard style offers a distinguished look. The Verdi style includes a handlebar mustache with a three-four inches facial hairstyle. The handles of the mustache are waxed and hang over the top of the board. To get this look, you will need four to eight months of beard growth, and also keep a rounded shape on the board. Keep all the beard care and grooming products with you to maintain your beard’s health.

10. Short-boxed Beard Beard Style

The short-boxed beard style is the version of corporate beard, though it is slightly around the chin. This creates a sharp edge of the beard and highlights the jawline. To get the beard style, you will need to allow your facial hair to grow for two-to-three months.
You will also need to create a taper from the sideburns to the chin, for which you will also need a good quality beard trimmer with different length guards. You can use the number 4 guard to the chin area and then taper to the number 3 guard on the cheeks and the number 2 guard on the sideburns.

Although the short-boxed beard style is suitable for all face shapes, it goes well with oval and oblong face shapes.


Every beard style is different in its way; the only difference occurs in which beard style is suitable for face shape. Maintain and grooming is quite similar for almost every kind of beard style. You will need to follow a beard grooming routine regularly to maintain the beard style health, look, and appearance. Younger boys choose to have a beard style that goes well with their face shape and hairstyle. Mentioned-above are some of the facial hairstyles that every boy must try at least once. However, it would help if you also remembered that every beard style needs proper care and grooming, so do not forget to follow a beard care routine and use beard-specific products.

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